Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Minecraft clothing

My son enjoys showing his love for Minecraft by wearing his Minecraft shirts. At first we had only one shirt with a Creeper picture that I purchased on cafepress.com and he would where it day after day. Now jinx.com has come out with a great line of Minecraft items. For part of his back to school clothes I purchased a couple Tshirts and the Steve head. Okay the Steve head will never be worn to school, but I couldn't resist how happy it would make him.


"TNT" Minecraft Parody of Dynamite

And so it begins...

Hello! I am a Mom to a boy who LOVES Minecraft. I have spent a lot of time watching him play, helped install mods-many, many mods, watched countless videos online and even played a little bit. I thought I would start this blog to pull together some of my favorite Minecraft finds and who knows maybe we will pull together some videos for you too. We really enjoy the videos, but as a mom I don't always enjoy hearing some of the language. See you soon!